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Gothic Leg Guards, 1.2 mm Steel, Pair
Cuisses and Poleyns

This wearable, fully articulated reconstruction of a late medieval plate armour for the legs is made of 1.2 mm (18 gauge) steel and blackened on the inside for better corrosion resistance. It is designed to protect the legs from the thighs to the upper shins, and shows the typical multi-layered look of the Gothic plate armours of the late Middle Ages (15th/16th c.).

The leg protection consists of a poleyn (knee cap, also known as genouillere), a cuisse and short greave. For proper freedom of movement, all parts are connected together by sliding plates or lames that are hinged on sturdy steel rivets.
At the back, each leg is equipped with three riveted, adjustable, approx. 2 mm thick leather straps with brass buckles for a comfortable, custom fit.

The edges are adorned with grooves and small steel rivets, and the poleyns feature flower-shaped, slightly concave steel rondels that are riveted on the sides (see also our besagews – product no. 1016634200).

This articulated leg harness is ideal for late medieval and Renaissance settings. Equally suited for the portrayal of a broad array of historical figures and fictional/fantasy characters, it will make your transformation into a proud, noble knight or warrior just perfect, whether used for medieval re-enactment, LARP, stage, TV/film, costuming or cosplay.

The leg guards are sold as a pair.

– Material: 1.2mm (18 ga) sheet steel, brown leather straps, antiqued brass buckles
– Overall length: approx. 48 cm
– Width of opening at thigh: approx. 16 cm
– Width of opening at shin: approx. 14 cm
– Dimensions of knee caps: approx. 14 x 13 cm (depth approx. 8 cm)
– Diameter of side rondels: approx. 14 cm
– Weight (pair): approx. 2.8 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Delivery includes the leg armour only! The other armour parts pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

Please note:
To ensure that this armour is the right fit for you, please remember to take your measurements over your gambeson and/or any piece of clothing or chainmail you may plan to wear underneath!

The steel used here is not rust-proof and might show slight surface tarnishing in places. We recommend you to maintain plate armour on a regular basis, for example using Ballistol Universal Oil, which is ideally suited for steel care.

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