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Gothic Suit of Amour, full plate armour set

This is a very decorative reconstruction of a German suit of armour
from the late 15th Century. It’s handmade from sheet steel.
All pieces are articulated, so it is wearable.


Plate armour usually has been customized in medieval times.
Here we offer a standardized size for men of average stature and a
body-height of about 1.75m to 1.80m. But adjustable straps and buckles
are riveted to the important parts.
(We admit that the buckles could be replaced by more authentic ones.)
So it is possible to adjust the armour to your size.
Of course you can’t expect 100% accuracy on fit.


The whole set of includes the following components:
– helmet, simple sallet with visor (Klappvisier),
incl. leather liner and chin straps
– two-piece folding bevor
– two very complexly chased pauldrons completely connected to rerebrace
(upper cannon) and vambrace (lower cannon) by leather-straps
– two cowters to be fixed to rerebrace and vambrace by leather straps
– a pair of very flexible gauntlets (Product Code 1016602300) with inner
gloves made of suede
– A cuirass (breast- and backplate)
– Two complete leg armours, consisting of cuisses, greaves, poleyns,
schynbalds, and sabatons


Material: approx. 1.2mm steel, straps from leather
Weight: approx. 26.9 kg
Helmet inner circumference:  approx. 66cm


Width: approx. 18 cm
Height: approx. 16 cm


Breast Plate
Total length: approx. 56 cm
Chest girth: approx. 110cm to 135 cm
Neckline: approx. 16.5 cm


Rerebrace: approx. 44.5 cm
Vambrace: approx. 24 cm
Total length: 80 cm


Cuisses: approx. 45 cm
Schynbald: approx. 46 cm
Sabaton: approx. 43 cm


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