Rustning nr 2




French Medieval Armour, with stand

A late medieval complete armor, as it would have been appropriate for a Nobleman.

The armor consists of a Bascinet (helmet), plate shoulders with swordbreakers, whole-arm bracers with elbow tiles, plate gloves, a chest and back cuirass, tassets, greaves with knee tiles and plate shoes.

This armor is primarily a decoration piece.

The armor is delivered including an exhibition stand, but also may be worn as well.


– Height overall: approx. 180 cm

– Width: approx. 80 cm

– Material: approx. 1,2 mm steel

– Weight: approx. 28 kg

Helmet measurings:

– Width: approx. 23 cm

– Height: approx. 40 cm

Stand measurings: approx. 175 x 60 x 30 cm

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