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Gothic Vambraces, Armguards with Pointed Couters, 15th c., 1.5 mm Steel, Pair

This wearable articulated reconstruction of a late medieval plate armour for the arms is modeled on a German original from the 15th century (ca. 1465). It is crafted from 1.5 mm thick steel and blackened on the inside for better corrosion resistance. It is designed to protect the forearms, elbows and the lower part of the upper arms.

The arm protection consists of a very pointy couter or cowter (also known as an elbow cop), a two-piece (hinged) tubular vambrace or lower cannon for the forearm and a tubular half-rerebrace or upper cannon (closed with rivets) for the upper arm. The three elements are connected together by sturdy leather straps that are riveted on the inside and allow for proper freedom of movement. Two holes positioned at the upper edge of the rerebrace allow for proper attachment to a shoulder piece (pauldron) or a gambeson (straps/cords are not included in delivery).

Equally suited for historical re-enactment, LARP or costuming, this articulated arm armour is ideal for late medieval and Renaissance settings and will make your portrayal of a proud knight just perfect!

Sold as a pair.

– Material: 1.5 mm steel, leather straps
– Overall length: approx. 41 cm
– Inner diameter at upper arm: approx. 14 cm
– Inner diameter at wrist: approx. 10 cm
– Length of elbow point: approx. 11 cm
– Leather straps: approx. 3 mm thick, 12 cm long, 3 cm wide
– Weight (pair): approx. 3.6 kg

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