Vikingatida väska Birka nr 3


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Birka Belt Pouch from Leather, Viking Bag based on an original find from Rösta, Sweden

This high-quality Viking Age bag, beautifully crafted from 4 mm thick leather, is a reconstruction of a grave find excavated in Rösta, Jämtland (Sweden, ca. 10th century). A real highlight are the brass fittings which are modeled after the original historical pieces and turn this bag into a true gem.

As similar remains have also been found in the Viking settlement of Birka in eastern Sweden, Birka bag or Birka pouch is often used as a general term for this particular type of bag. However, archaeologists believe that its origins are rather to be found with the Magyars, a nomadic people of horsemen (nowadays Hungarians). It is supposed that these belt pouches found their way from the eastern steppes to Scandinavia through traders in the 8th to 10th centuries. The most typical characteristics of this Hungarian-style leather bag or purse (also called Tarsoly) were its lyre-shaped outline and the elaborate metal fittings adorning the front flap.

This eye-catching bag steeped in history will be a great addition to your historical garb. It is a perfect accessory for reenactment or LARP and is equally suitable for the portrayal of Vikings, Magyar steppes horsemen, Rus’ warriors, Avars or Slavs.

– Material: leather (approx. 4 mm thick), cast brass
– Height: approx. 16 cm
– Width: approx. 14 cm
– Depth: approx. 5 cm
– Weight: approx. 350 g

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