Vikingatida väska Hedeby




Here you can buy  a practical leather bag with shoulder strap that is made after a historical find from the Viking town of Hedeby.

The Hedeby Viking bag is made from leather and pine wood and measures 27 x 25 cm.
Available in light and dark brown.

The Hedeby Viking bag is well known in the world of Viking re-enactment as a bag made of fabric or leather that is attached to two carved pieces of wood on which there is attached a shoulder strap.

The name of the Hedeby-Bag derives from the Viking city of Hedeby in northern Germany, which was the second-largest city in the north during the Viking era.

Even if there are no finds of completely preserved bags from the Viking Age, the functioning of later finds of very similar bags of the Sami in Lapland is derived.

In addition to the Hedeby bag bars, similar parts from Birka in Sweden and Viborg in Denmark are also known. The original bag bars from Hedeby were made from ash and maple and were between 18 and 49 cm long and 7 to 13 mm thick.


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