vikingatida-seaxblad-32 cm




The Bowie-like Saxklinge ”Jorvik” based on the Bowie-shaped Saxklingen the Anglo-Saxon as they occur n. Chr in large numbers in the Viking Age Fundmateral between 800 and 1100..

The so-called. Skramasax was widespread in many Germanic tribes and very common not only with the Vikings, and Anglsachsen but already in previous centuries with the Alamanni Franks and other Germanic tribes, because that Sax was not only as ”Machete” in everyday life but to use as affordable and handy weapon well Schildwall good.

Dimensionsthe Anglo-Saxon Saxklinge:
total length 32 cm
cutting 20 cm
blade back 4 mm
blade height of 2,5 – 3,5 cm
tang 12 cm

The Anglo-Saxon Saxklinge is made of carbon steel 1095 manufactured, a classic of the tool steel. This steel is quite tough and can be sanded very good, wherein it comprises a solid state time. 1095 is an unalloyed tool steel and stainless enabled with a hardness of 54 HRC Rockwell and a carbon content from 0.90 to 1.03% with a manganese content of 0.3 to 0.5%. A Saxklinge 1095 carbon steel is hard to get small indeed and a reliable ”workhorse” – hard, flexible, unbreakable!
We recommend to keep the Saxklinge dry and treat occasionally with a little oil to prevent any rust.

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