knivblad seax damaskus 40 cm


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The beautifully shaped, Germanic Saxklinge of fine Damascene steel is forged according to a historical original find from the Alamannic burial ground of low Trotzingen in southern Germany and typical of the 5th to 7th century. among the Germans spread Sax.

The sax was worn when the Germanic tribes, such as the Alemanni, Franks and Anglsachsen and other tribes of the personal equipment and a major costume component, and it was used by the Germans until the early Viking era.
The Sax served the Germans not only as ”Machete” for daily use, but it was also one for everyone affordable and handy weapon that was able to afford the warrior in Schildwall good service.

The alamanische Saxklinge is forged from Damascus and sharply honed. The Damastklinge thereby has a degree of hardness of 57 Rockwell and HCR was prepared from the steels forged 1095 15n20 256 layers.

The dimensions of the Saxklinge amount of Damask:
total length 40 cm
blade 26 cm
blade back 4 mm
blade height 3.4 cm
Angel 13 cm

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