Vikingatida seax från Gotland 6




This typical Viking sax is based on finds from the Viking Age on the island of Gotland, dating from the 9th to 10th century AD.

Such a sax was characteristic of the men’s costume of the Viking Age in eastern Sweden and was found in several examples in the Viking settlement of Birka and on Gotland. The Viking sax comes complete with a leather sheath.

The walnut handle of this high-quality Viking sax is particularly worthy of attention, as it has been skilfully crafted from several layers of wood, leather and brass. There is a ring at the end of the handle, so that the sax can be easily pulled out of the scabbard.

The Viking sax is sharpened and has a brightly polished blade made of AISI 1070 high-carbon steel with 56 – 58 HCR Rockwell.

The Gothic Viking sax has the following dimensions:
Overall length 35 cm
Blade length 23 cm
blade width 3 cm
Blade back 4 mm

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