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The short sax was not only used by the Vikings, but already by the Germanic tribes as an inexpensive weapon and served well as a kind of ”machete” in house and yard as well as a handy weapon in battle.

This short Viking sax has a bowie-knife-like broken-back blade, which was particularly common among the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age and is frequently found in Viking finds in England.

The Sax is made in high quality and well sharpened, and comes with a solid leather sheath of strong cowhide. The sheath is designed to be carried on the back and the sax drawn with the right hand.

Special attention must be paid to the noble handle made of dark brown walnut wood and the brass and leather bindings. At the end, the short Viking sax is provided with a small ring by which it can be easily pulled out of the scabbard.

The Short Viking Sax has the following dimensions:

Total length 32.5 cm
Blade length 20 cm
Handle length 12.5 cm
Blade back 5 mm
Blade height 3.5 cm

The Sax blade is made of 1095 high-carbon steel, an unalloyed and stainless tool steel that is tough and resilient and grinds very well with a solid life. The hardness is approx. 54 HRC Rockwell.

A Sax blade made of 1095 carbon steel is a reliable ”workhorse” – hard, flexible, unbreakable!
We recommend keeping the sax blade dry and occasionally rubbing it with a little oil to prevent possible flash rust.

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