Fixed-Blade Knife Fulcrum black, Extrema Ratio




Fixed-Blade Knife Fulcrum black, Extrema Ratio

This milestone among multipurpose knives, employed on a large scale in Afghanistan
as standard issue equipment of the Italian Nibbio mission, originated with a Comalp
Alpine Troops Command experimental project for renewing trooper equipment. As part
of preparing for the mission, Comalp coordinated a team of companies toward creating
a full experimental set of newly designed equipment for the individual trooper.
Extrema Ratio was chosen by Comalp to develop a new multipurpose knife suitable for
the infantry ? a knife to be used in any operations anywhere, capable of successfully
completing tasks that more specialized tools fail at. So successful was Extrema Ratio that after
this multipurpose knife followed the development of the Fulcrum Bayonet, an implementation
of the same which can be mounted onto a trooper?s standard-issue rifle. An extremely
tough and versatile knife, the Fulcrum?s blade can sustain loads of over 150 kilograms
without breaking. The tanto-shaped blade allows for large amounts of work and wear while
still retaining a sharp edge at its exceedingly sturdy tip. Thanks to its
weight and top-heavy balancing, the Fulcrum is also suitable for hard work on the field.


– Blade material: Böhler N690 steel, MIL-C-13924

– Handle material: Forprene

– Overall length: approx. 31,0 cm

– Blade length: approx. 18,0 cm

– Weight: approx. 321 g

– Sheath with leg-strap, MOLLE-compatible

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