vikingatida knivblad seax damaskus 32 cm


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This Saxklinge in Bowie knife shape is based on the typical Anglo-Saxon Saxklingen the Viking period, which often can be found in the period of 800 to 1100 in the English Fundmateral, which were distributed equally among the Anglo-Saxons as Vikings.

The sax was very popular with the Germans and widely used not only in the Anglsachsen and Vikings, but already in previous centuries with the tribes of the Alemanni, Franks and other Germanic tribes. Because that Sax was to use not only as ”Machete” in everyday life, but as an affordable and handy weapon well Shield Wall.

The Anglo-Saxon Saxklinge is no handle and sharpened delivered.

The Viking Saxklinge is forged from two different varieties of steel to Damascus. Use is made here AISI 4340, A hard tempered steel with a low carbon content, which not only nickel but also contains chromium and molybdenum and thereby has a high toughness, as well as 15N20 , a nickel-containing steel with good properties, which produces strong contrast and light parts in Damascus steel. If these two steels verschmiedet in layers together to Damascus, the result is a diverse damascene, which makes each piece a distinctive unique. The hardness of Sax blade is 58 to 60 HRC Rockwell. The dimensions of the Saxkling are: total length 32 cm cutting 20 cm blade back 4 mm blade height of 2,5 – 3,5 cm tang 12 cm

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