knivblad damaskus nr 3



This specially shaped knife blade is made of genuine 256-layered damascus steel and, with its strongly rounded, short cutting edge, is ideally suited for opening the belly skin of hunted game.

The knife blade has a slightly curved edge. This allows you to open the belly fur of the hunted animal very precisely and cleanly and to remove the fur without running the risk of cutting blood vessels when skinning.

Damascus blades were already highly valued by the Teutons and Vikings because a knife blade made of damascus is characterized by both hardness and high elasticity. A knife blade made of genuine Damascus steel is therefore both durable and nearly unbreakable and also looks fantastic.

So this beautiful damask steel knife blade is perfect for making your own beautiful and unique knife that meets your requirements in form and function.

The extra short damascus steel knife blade is forged from two types of steel:

AISI 4340 is a hard quenched and tempered steel with a low carbon content that contains nickel and chromium as well as molybdenum and has a high toughness.
15N20 is a nickel-containing steel with good properties that produces beautiful bright sections and good contrasts when used in Damascus steel.

When both types of steel are forged together, the beautifully flamed Damascus pattern is created. The hardness of the blade is 58 to 60 HCR Rockwell.

The Damascus blade has the following dimensions:
Total length 11.5 cm
Cutting edge 6 cm
Blade width 2.5 cm
Blade back 3 mm

The Damascus knife blade is delivered without handle and well sharpened.

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