Vikingatida Kniv ”Oseberg”




As the find of a 33 cm long kitchen knife from the Viking ship burial in Oseberg (Norway) shows, among the Vikings not only the frequently encountered small knives were in use, but also very large Viking knives that certainly served well in the household.

This large Viking knife is therefore perfect for authentic representation in Viking re-enactment and medieval camp life in general.

A special feature of the knife is, on the one hand, the rustic blade left with the black tinder coating and the handle made of finely grained ash wood edged on both sides with a brass finish.

The large Viking knife has the following dimensions:

Overall length 26.5 cm.
Blade length 14 cm
Blade width 2.8 cm
Blade back 0.4 cm
Handle length 12.5 cm

The Viking knife comes with a solid sheath made of high quality leather and well sharpened.

The knife blade is made of 1085 carbon steel with a hardness of 55 – 58 HRC Rockwell.

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