Vikingatida våg



Here you can buy a detailed replica of an authentic Viking folding scale, which was made according to historical models from the 11th century.

The Viking scales consist of two weighing pans that are attached to a foldable arm with small chains. When folded, the arm and the chains find space in the superimposed weighing pans.

To ensure that the folding scales can be transported and stored safely, we also offer a practical leather case to complement these Viking scales.

Our replica corresponds in dimensions and design quite exactly to an original folding Viking scale and measures as follows:
Arm length 10 cm. Bowl 4.8 cm.

To weigh, the Viking folding scale is filled with coins or minced silver in one pan and balanced accordingly with counterweights on the other side until the pointer in the centre of the scale aligns vertically.

To use the Viking scales properly, you can of course buy also suitable weights of 4 grams, 6 grams and 8 grams from us.

With the beginning of the Viking Age, the predominant barter trade in Scandinavia gradually changed towards a weight-based monetary economy, which is well documented by many foldable Viking scales preserved in the finds.

While early Viking scales had the weighing pans attached with strings of organic material, from the 11th century onwards it was common to use fine bronze chains for the folding scales.

For some Viking scales there were even additional lockable bronze boxes in which the folding scales could be safely stored.

In addition to so-called minced silver, the Vikings used their folding scales to weigh silver coins, whose value depended on their weight. The minting of coins in Scandinavia began in Denmark around the middle of the eighth century.

Since it was absolutely necessary for this kind of barter trade to be able to measure the respective weight very precisely, a scale was simply indispensable for a Viking trader.

For example, for one ounce of gold (about 28 grams) one received the following in return: 8 ounces of silver or 4 dairy cows or 24 sheep. An adult male slave, on the other hand, cost a whole 12 ounces of silver.

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