Vikingatida svärd 14 skarpslipat /bluntad



Skarpslipat vikingatida svärd med skida.

Finns även i bluntad version.

Material fjäderstål 5160

härdat 50-52 HRC

Längd 95 cm
Klinga 78.50 cm
Grepp 16.50 cm
Vikt 1.250 kg
Pob 12 cm

The carefully controlled heat-treating of 5160 steel (Tinker’s blade steel of choice) by the marquenching process produces an excellent combination of toughness and flexibility at a hardness of HRC 50-52, allowing for superior edge retention on the sharps, anti burr and tip-flexing safety features on the blunts.

While not a direct copy of any particular sword, the Viking sword design was inspired by historical examples from the early 9th century, most notably finds from Trondheim, Norway, where the circular indentation hilt decoration was popular. The scabbard is provided with suspension points and a period chape, giving the sheathed sword a very attractive appearance.

The construction of the Viking swords differs from other ones in the Tinker series as much as they are tang-riveted (peened) in period fashion re-enactment requirements, and the blunt blade is very much directed towards re-enactment rather than sparring. However, as with the other swords in the series, replacement blades are available for those with the knowledge to undertake the task of removing and replacing peened blades. The handling characteristics of both sharp and blunt versions are virtually identical.

Key Features:

– 5160 marquenched spring steel

– Peened pommel

– Tinker approved


– Overall length: approx. 95 cm

– Blade length: approx. 78.50 cm

– Handle length: approx. 16.50 cm

– Weight: approx. 1250 g

– Point of balance: approx. 12 cm

– Point of harmonics: approx. 51.50 cm

– Blade width at guard: approx. 5.50 cm

– Blade width at tip: approx. 3.80 cm

– Blade thickness at guard: approx. 5 mm

– Blade thickness at tip: approx. 2.2 mm

– Blade material: 5160 spring steel

– Handle material: leather-covered wood

Ytterligare information

Dimensioner 95 × 5 × 2 cm

Bluntad, Skarpslipad

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