Tori Elite Katana




Tori Elite Katana

The Tori Elite Katana from Hanwei combines truly elegant furniture and a powder-steel forged
and folded blade with the functionality of the Performance Series swords.

Designed for multiple cuts in normal targets, the Tori Elite Katana features a ”flying crane” themed
tsuba and fuchi/kashira with kabuto inspired menuki.

The high quality brown leather tsuka-ito is wrapped over black same. The saya is wrapped at the mouth with
black-lacquered rattan and finished in a textured brown.

This sword is built for the martial artist.

Made by Hanwei.

Key features:

– Premium fittings

– Build for martial artists


– Blade material: K120C powder steel

– Overall length: approx. 101.6 cm

– Blade length: approx. 71.1 cm

– Handle length: approx. 27.9 cm

– Weight: approx. 1105 g

– Point of balance: approx. 12.7 cm from the guard

– Blade width at guard: approx. 3.4 cm

– Blade width at tip: approx. 2.6 cm

– Blade thickness at guard: approx. 6 mm

– Blade thickness at tip: approx. 4 mm

– Sori: approx. 1.9 cm

– Manufacturer’s product no.: SH6007KFE

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