Den bästa lösningen för att hänga upp svärd eller dolkar på väggen. Vapen förvaras luftigt och med detta ställbara ”clips” så det snabbt fixat.

This simple sword wall holder with scissor-like mechanism is made of steel and can be secured to a wall, a panel or a wooden post with one single screw. This device provides a perfect solution for the vertical display / storage of swords with a straight crossguard.

The hanger features hinged arms that can be closely drawn together or widely extended and are equipped with generously sized grooves. It is thus suitable for a large variety of swords with a blade width up to 69 mm and a blade thickness up to 5 mm and will not only proudly display medieval style broadswords or knightly swords, but also smaller swords and even daggers or knives.

This compact, adjustable sword holder has a particularly inconspicuous design that foregrounds the actual display piece. When mounted, the wall holder virtually disappears behind the weapon’s hilt, with only the circular ends of the retaining pins left visible on the front.

For little money, this unobtrusive wall hook is an easy means of spotlighting each sword in your collection – and saving space while doing it!

– Material: steel sheet, approx. 1 mm thick
– With adjustable retaining pins
– Height: approx. 5.5 cm (fully extended) to 7.5 cm (fully collapsed)
– Width: approx. 3 cm (fully collapsed) to 8 cm (fully extended)
– Width of the mounting plate: approx. 2.9 cm
– Ideal for the vertical wall display of swords with straight, cruciform quillons
(max. blade width approx. 6.9 cm / max. blade thickness approx. 5 mm)
– Weight: approx. 43 g
– This sword hanger is supplied WITHOUT mounting hardware (wall plug, screw)

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