Blackening Fluid /Blåneringsvätska 50 ml bottle



An improved formula both for experts and non-professionals.

With KLEVER-”Schnellbrünierung”, you can give steel (not exceeding a chromium content of 3%) and iron a flawless browning. Whether to refinish a worn blackening on handguns or long firearms, to brown entire weapons or armours, or to blacken small parts in trade and industry: KLEVER cold blackening fluid spares you tedious burnishing bathes and saves time and money.

The surface to be blackened should be carefully degreased (e.g. with Robla cold degreaser). Then apply KLEVER cold browning with a brush. Let it work for about 3 to 30 Minutes, until a yellowish-white film has formed. Now rinse it thoroughly with water (using a brush), dab the surface dry with a soft cloth or a paper towel and spray with BALLISTOL or GUNEX for protection.

– Noxious
– Environmentally hazardous

Blåneringsvätska för doppning eller pensling av väl rengjorda detaljer av stål eller gjutjärn.

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