St. Maurice Sword of Turin, 13c., with leather scabbard



Saint Maurice is known as the leader of the Theban Legion. The soldiers of this mythical legion of the Roman army are said to have suffered the Christian martyrdom towards the end of the 4th century.
Since the 4th century already, the Catholic Church worships St. Maurice as saint patron of the army, the infantry, the cutlers and the armourers, to name a few. Since the high Middle Ages, the Imperial Sword and the Holy Lance from the Imperial Regalia are ascribed to Saint Maurice.

Although it is unquestionably established that the original of our replica is dated from the period around 1200-1250, it was kept in Turin together with some of St. Maurice’s remains and venerated as a relic. Legend has it that it is the sword used for his beheading, which of course is more than a remote likelihood – as the sword was forged about a thousand years after his death -, and rather stands for the imaginativeness of the medieval historiography under the pervasive influence of the Church.

This is exclusively hand-crafted. The guard and the characteristic brazil-nut-shaped pommel are forged out of iron. The blade is hand-riveted to the pommel. The hilt is wrapped with a broad leather strap. The blade has a distinctive fuller which offers both great flexibility and a lesser weight. The edges of the blade are not sharpened.
The beautiful wooden scabbard is leather-wrapped and features brass rings for proper fastening to the sword belt.

– Blade material: spring steel EN45, heat-treated to approx. 48 HRC
– Overall length: approx. 94 cm
– Blade length: approx. 78.5 cm
– Max. blade width: approx. 43 mm
– Point of Balance: approx. 17 cm from the guard
– Including leather-wrapped wooden scabbard
– Sword type according to Oakeshott typology: XII
– Weight (without scabbard): approx. 1150 g

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