Churburg handskar



Dessa handskar bygger på en modell som kommer ifrån slottet Churburg i södra Tyrolen.

In the late Middle Ages and Early Modern period, gauntlets were an essential part of the suit of armour, protecting the hands and wrists in hand-to-hand combat and during jousting tournaments.

The late medieval battle gauntlets we offer here as a pair, which are also known as hourglass gauntlets owing to their particular sandglass-like shape, are very similar to those from the famous Churburg #13 harness. The original full plate armour, which is believed to have been crafted in Milan in the late 14th century (approx. 1390), can be admired in the Armoury of the Castle of Churburg (Castel Coira) in South Tyrol, Italy.

Our Churburg gauntlets are hand-crafted from 1 to 1.2 mm thick steel (slight variations in steel thickness may occur due to the hand manufacturing process). Just like the original examples, they are artfully embellished and reinforced with sheet brass across the knuckles, wrist and lower cuff. The inside is blackened for better corrosion resistance and lined with soft, sewn-in suede leather gloves.

These finger gauntlets do not only impress with their historically accurate, authentic appearance, but also with their flexible design which allows for an adequate freedom of movement. Wearing comfort is ensured by the integrated suede gloves and additional thick leather pads that are stitched and pinned onto them to protect them from chafing against the steel plates.

Of course, these articulated, fully wearable plate gauntlets can be combined with other medieval knight’s armours than the Churburg one. They are most fitting for late medieval settings and particularly well-suited for the representation of a 14th c. European warrior or knight. Please note however that this pair of steel gauntlets is not suited for combat reenactment but rather designed for high-end costuming or as a collectible / display piece.

– Material: 1.2 mm (18 gauge) mild steel, brass fittings, black suede gloves, leather pads
– One-size (Large)
– Outer dimensions (HxB): approx 28 x 13 cm
– Dimensions of inner gloves: approx. 26 x 11 cm, corresponds roughly to glove size 9
– Inner circumference at wrist: approx. 25 cm
– Inner diameter at wrist: approx. 9 cm
– Weight (pair): approx. 1740 g

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Dimensioner 26 × 24 × 16 cm

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