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Infantry Half Armour with Morion Helmet

This plate armour is fully wearable. It’s made of 1.2 mm thick steel and suits for light reenactment as well as LARP and costuming
It’s typical for a 16th century footsoldier e.g. pikeman or town watch.
The parts of the armour can be fixed with strong leather straps and buckles. Thus this armour is size adjustable.

The armour is featuring the following parts:

– Morionhelmet with adjustable leather liner and chinstrap

– steel neck (bevor)

– Back and breast plates with tassets

– complete arm protection (spaulders, cannons and couters)


– Material: approx. 1.2 mm Steel

– Helmet size: approx. 62 cm head circumference (18 cm wide, 23 cm long)

– Chest: up to approx. 110 cm

– Size is adjustable with leather straps and buckles

– Weight: approx. 16.5 kg

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