John Lee Dragon Wakizashi




John Lee Dragon Wakizashi

The Tsuba of the John Lee Dragon Wakizashi is in the shape of a dragon encircling the sword. Unlike in Europe, the dragon plays a particularly significant role in Japan, where this mythical creature is said to bring good fortune.

– Blade in Shinogi-Zukuri-style with fuller (Bo-Hi), hand-forged out of 1045 high carbon steel.
– Sharpened blade with Hamon line, for a particularly genuine aspect.
– Black cotton hilt-wrapping in traditional Hineri-Maki-style.
– Wooden sheath with black high-gloss lacquer finish (Kuroro-style).
– Long handle-end fastened to the hilt with 2 bamboo pegs (Mekugi). The sword can thus be fully dismantled.
– Made of authentic high-quality materials only, no plastic used.
– Blade collar (Habaki) and washers (Seppa) made of brass.
– The traditional hilt-wrapping is completed by a genuine ray skin lining.
– All ornaments (Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) made of metal.
– Delivered in a protective cloth bag in an attractive collector’s box.
– All original John Lee swords supplied with seal and certificate of origin.

– Hilt length: approx. 35 cm
– Blade length: approx. 51 cm
– Overall length (without sheath): approx. 76.5 cm
– Weight (without sheath): approx. 800 g

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