John Lee Practical Katana 2




John Lee Practical Katana

Entry-level model for cutting practice

Masterpiece of Asian craft of forging

– The swords’ blades are hand-forged out of 1095 carbon steel
– The sharpened blades are differentially hardened in traditional kind as a result
of clay applied during the cooling process and they’ve got an original Hamon-line
– 60 HRC at the ha and 40 HRC at the mune
– The hilts (Tsuka) are made of wood and completed with original ray skin (Same)
– The hilt-wrappings (Tsuka-Ito) of black cotton are applied in traditional kind
– Two Menukis were put into the hilts
– The handle-ends are particularly long and fastened to the hilt with 2 pins of
bamboo (Mekugi)
– The sheaths (Saya) are made out of wood
– Manufacturing followed historical examples

Blade length to Tsuba: approx. 74,5 cm
Total length without sheath: approx. 104,5 cm
Hilt length: approx. 30 cm
Weight without sheath: approx. 1190g

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