Indian War Club




Indian War Club

The Ball-Headed War Club first saw common use in the early 16th century and was popular with the warrior tribes of the American Eastern seaboard. It has been speculated that the widespread adoption of this weapon was because it was relatively easy to manufacture, in that it required little or no metal, and most of all – because it was unbelievably effective!

Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson is an avid collector of wooden weaponry and ethnographic arms, and when he saw a beautiful example of a Ball-Headed War Club made by custom bladesmith Rich McDonald, he jumped at the chance to work with him to reproduce it for a modern audience.

Cold Steel’s modern version of this fascinating tool is injection-molded from weatherproof high-impact polymer materials that are virtually impervious to impact. This material is highly resistant to the elements and will not warp, rot, crack or splinter like wooden versions.
For historical re-enactors, the surface has a realistic wood grain finish that can be easily painted and customized with brass studs, tacks, or feathers.

Each club is approximately 61 cm long with a 8 cm diameter ball head, and fitted with a removable blunt steel spike.

– Material: high impact polypropylene
– Overall length: approx. 61 cm
– Ball length: approx. 9 cm
– Steel spike diameter: approx. 19 mm
– Thickness: approx. 25-30 mm (tapered)
– Weight: approx. 1072 g
– Cold Steel Product No.: 92PBH


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