Brooklyn Basher, Baseball Bat, Cold Steel


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Brooklyn Basher, Baseball Bat
New for 2016!

Ever since their release back in 2006, Cold Steel’s Brooklyn Series of baseball bats have been consistent fan favorites.
Precision injection-molded out of the heaviest-grade high-impact polypropylene that could be found, these bats just cannot be broken through impact alone. As they are made from a polymer rather than wood or aluminum, they are not only stronger than traditional bats, but they are more durable too. They will not rot, crack, splinter, or even fade. You needn’t worry about dirt affecting them either, since they are impervious to the elements and clean up with little more than soap and water.

They’re versatile too! They can be used as game bats, practice bats, warm-up bats, loaner bats, school or league bats or kid’s bats. They can also serve as a cross over trainers to develop strength, agility and eye/hand coordination for those studying Martial Arts.

From the micro sized souvenir bat (the Brooklyn Shorty) to the epic over-sized beast bat (the Whopper) and all of the other models in between, Cold Steel is sure to have the bat for you!

Reasonably priced, versatile, useful and virtually unbreakable, there’s no excuse not to own a Brooklyn Bat by Cold Steel!

Details for the Brooklyn Basher:
– Material: high-impact polypropylene
– Overall length: approx. 61 cm
– Weight: approx. 782 g
– Thickness at handle: approx. 2.5 cm
– Thickness at tip: approx. 5.4 cm


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