Honshu Broadsword


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Medeltida skarpslipat svärd i lite modernare tappning.

Honshu Broadsword with Scabbard

The Honshu Broadsword represents a modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design with sleek, rugged tactical engineering and perfect blade-to-hilt balancing. It has a razor-sharp, 33 3/8” 1060 high carbon steel blade that has a partial blood groove, which leads up to the hefty traditional handguard. The rugged TPR hilt gives you a no-slip grip and both handguard and pommel are satin-finished stainless steel. The 43 1/2″ overall length broadsword fits securely in a black wooden scabbard that includes a leather belt hanger. Honshu continues to expand its exceptional sword line and this sleek, tactical broadsword is a must-have for your collection!


– Blade material: 1060 high carbon steel
– Handle material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
– Overall length: approx. 110,5 cm
– Blade length: approx. 84,8 cm
– Including sheath
– Manufacturer’s product no.: UC3265

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