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Glamdring – The Sword of Gandalf LOTR
Original Lord of the Rings Sword made by United Cutlery

Lord of the Rings – Glamdring, the Sword of Gandalf
Officially licensed movie replica from The Lord of the Rings, by United Cutlery

With over 100 million copies sold in over 40 languages, millions have grown up with The Lord of the Rings, the classic epic tale considered by millions to be the greatest fantasy-adventure story ever told. J.R.R. Tolkien’s phenomenal epic trilogy chronicles the struggle between good and evil for possession of a magical ring. The book trilogy was named the most popular book of the 20th century and has been presented in a series of feature films from New Line Cinema.

The word Glamdring comes from the Elven language of Sindarin and translates to foe-hammer. The history of this magical sword, whose blade starts to glow whenever orcs are nearby, is quite mysterious. Gandalf the Wizard found it (just like Bilbo found his Sting) in a troll lair in Rhûdaur after the trolls had been tricked and turned to stone. In Rivendell, Elrond deciphered the runic inscription which said that it was once forged for Turgon, King of Gondolin. This magnificent sword remained at Gandalf’s side until the end of his days in Middle-Earth.

This authentically detailed collectible is an officially licensed reproduction of the sword wielded by Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. United Cutlery, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop sword using only the finest grade materials and craftsmanship. Close attention to detail was a top priority.

Measuring approx. 121 cm overall, this beautiful sword features a tempered 420 stainless steel blade, solid metal hilt parts and a genuine leather-wrapped grip. This item includes a wooden display plaque and a certificate of authenticity.

– Blade material: tempered 420 stainless steel
– Handle material: genuine leather-wrapped grip, solid metal guard and pommel with antiqued finish
– Overall length: approx. 121 cm
– Blade length: approx. 89.5 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 6.4 mm
– Wooden display plaque
– Certificate of authenticity
– Manufacturer’s product no.: UC1265

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