drykeshorn smycke Anglosaxiskt 02



This expressive drinking horn tip made of bronze was made after the model of Anglo-Saxon drinking horn ends as they were distributed to the Iron Age and Viking Age in England.

The Anglo-Saxon drinking horn tip has laterally two holes for attachment to the drinking horn.

The dimensions of the drinking horn-end are as follows: total length 11 cm, width 2.5 cm, shaft length 8 cm. Shaft inner diameter at the base of 2 cm.

Available the Anglo-Saxon drinking horn end in bronze and silver-plated.

Vikings and Saxon in the early middle Later were ends of drinking horns like provided with tips made of bronze or silver, which were often designed in the form of mythical creatures such as Dragon or bird heads and could partly reach considerable lengths.
In addition to the misted drinking horn-ends and the edges of the Viking Age drinking horns were completely provided with precious fittings in general.

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