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Viking toiletry set with three pendants from Birka.

 toiletry set, complete with a stave chain, a chain spreader and replicas of three Viking pendants according to historical models from Gotland.

The Viking ear spoon, tweezers and pricker of this toiletry set are crafted according to a historical mode from the Swedish island of Gotland. The chain divider was found on the Swedish isle of Öland.

The Viking toiletry set is made of high-quality bronze casting and also available in real silver-plated.

In the Viking Age, it was common for women to carry one or more hygiene pendants attached to a chain or leather strap on the bowl brooch at belt level, which were thus at hand for use at about any time.

In addition to an ear spoon or nail cleaner, tweezers and an awl, a key or a needle box could also be attached in this way.

The Viking toiletry set has the following dimensions:
Total length: 39 cm
Pricker: 7.3 cm
Ear spoon: 7.3 cm
Tweezers: 7.5 cm

Ear spoons and fine tweezers made of bronze have been used for personal hygiene since the Bronze Age. For Egyptians and Romans, these were even part of the medical instruments, and they were also widely used by Germanic and Viking peoples as indispensable components of hygiene and beauty care.

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