Claymoore 1500 talsmodell



Tvåhandssvärd modell 1500 tal.

Skarpslipad version.
Scottish Claymore

Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period.

Typically of hand-and-a-half length, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts. Replicated from a surviving museum piece the Hanwei Claymore is classic in its design, with distinctive sloping quillons terminating in quatrefoils and a high-collared quillon block with langets following the blade fuller. The leather-covered grip is topped by a globate pommel.

Originally carried slung on the back, the Claymore matches perfectly with a back scabbard (e.g. item no. 0101050600). This is is the normal, plain version of the Hanwei Claymore sword. Also available HN-SH2060N Scottish Claymore Antiqued Finish

Key Features:
– Authentic styling
– Fully functional
– Excellent balance

– Total length: approx. 139 cm
– Blade Length: approx. 104 cm
– Handle Length: approx. 35 cm
– Blade material: Springsteel 60CrMnA
– Hardness 48 – 52 HRC
– Weight: approx. 2.210 kg
– Point of Balance: approx. 18 cm
– Point of Harmonics: approx. 79 cm
– Width at Guard: approx. 4.50 cm
– Width at Tip: approx. 3.25 cm
– Thickness at Guard: approx. 0.60 cm
– Thickness at Tip: approx. 0.40 cm
– Hanwei product code: SH2060

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Ytterligare information

Vikt 2.2 kg
Dimensioner 139.5 cm

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