1917 Series
With their deeply blued blades and rich Malaysian sal wood handles, Cold Steel®’s 1917 Series blades are instantly recognizable! These knives and swords all share the same sleek lines and utilitarian, practical design. Evoking a spirit of adventure, from the American Frontier to the High Seas, the 1917 series of swords, sabers, cutlasses and knives are perfect for any historical reenactment group from the 1830’s onward, Cowboy Action Shooters, Civil War or Naval Battle reenactment, even modern military groups.

The Improved 1917 Cutlass is identical in every way with the original except Cold Steel® has substituted a far more effective guard. Made from heavy steel plate with multiple lightening holes and featuring rolled edges, it is far more durable than the original Cutlass while offering superior hand protection and minimum bulk.

1055 High Carbon Steel
The carbon content and lean alloy of this shallow hardening steel make this a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials. Particularly suited to blades requiring impact resistance, it’s often seen in large fixed blades and swords.

– Blade material: 1055 high carbon steel
– Overall length: approx. 77.1 cm
– Blade length: approx. 63.5 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 5 mm
– Handle: approx. 13.6 cm long, sal wood
– Weight: approx. 938 g
– Incl. leather scabbard w/ brass and copper fittings
– Cold Steel® Product No.: 88CSH

Ytterligare information

Vikt 119 kg
Dimensioner 77 cm

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