Warrior O Tanto




Warrior O Tanto

Since their initial introduction, the Emperor Series swords have proven to be popular with many of Cold Steel®’s customers. Still, Cold Steel® is aware that there are some people who want a battle-ready sword but hope to find one at a more affordable price.

The Warrior Series addresses this problem directly. These swords share the same high-performance 1060 steel, heat-treatment and sharpness as their Emperor counterparts, but Cold Steel® has omitted their expensive mirror-polishing in favor of a more practical finish. This makes the Warrior Series a perfect choice for training and perfecting cutting techniques (Tameshigiri) without damaging or tarnishing the blade.

– Warrior O Tanto
– Material: 1060 high carbon steel
– Overall length: approx. 48.9 cm
– Blade length: approx. 33.7 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 8 mm
– Handle: approx. 15.2 cm long, ray skin w/ black silk cord wrap & brass Menuki
– Weight: approx. 524 g
– Incl. black lacquered wood scabbard
– Cold Steel® Product No.: 88BT

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