Voiders pl.r.3.nitmx



Ringbrynjorvar poppulära under medeltiden och man använde dom även för att täcka hålen mellan rustningsdelarna.

Varannan rad stansade.

This arm protection was worn during the late medieval period and was sewn or knotted to the gambeson.
A single order includes voiders for both arms.

The FWM chain maille type is a variant of the European flat ring mesh.
It consists of a row of wedge riveted flat rings followed by a row of punched rings of equal size. This alternating technique, which was not only applied in the Middles Ages but also in the Antiquity already, could save a great deal of work as only every second ring needed to be riveted. The weave is 4 in 1.
However, the riveting by means of wedge rivets (triangular rivets) only made its appearance in the late Middle Ages. The mail FRW and FWM mail types are thus only suitable for late medieval re-enactment.

-Längd. 74 cm
-Arm längd: ca. 50 cm
-Höjd: ca. 35 cm
-Vikt: ca. 3.5 kg

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