Voiders Fjäderstål



Ringbrynjearmar s.k Voiders.

Maille arm protection, was worn during the late medieval times. In this period the plate armour dominated and only the bare parts and changeovers were protected with chain mail armour. They were usually sewn or knotted to the gambeson or arming-jacket.
A single order includes voiders for both arms.

The BTW chain maille type:
This particular mesh is composed of butted rings made of high-quality spring steel. Considering its excellent value at a fair price, it is perfectly suitable for unexperienced re-enactors who set store on good protection and solid quality. The weave is 4 in 1.

– Material: spring steel
– Length: approx. 65 cm
– Sleeve length: approx. 46 cm
– Width: approx. 35 cm
– Internal ring diameter rings: 8 mm
– Wire thickness: 1.6 mm
– Finish: natural (lightly oiled)
– Weight: approx. 4.5 kg


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