Vikings – Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok



The weapon favored by Ragnar Lothbrok, this axe was essential in Ragnars rise from farmer to Earl, and from Earl to King. Guided by Oden and believing that his path was destined for greatness, Ragnar and his warriors raid and plunder across England and beyond. This axe was used in all his raids, and was the key to his victory over Earl Haraldson’s in the epic season one battle. Ragnars is rarely far from his favored axe.

The Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok has been created from the actual television prop and has been weathered to look from the time period. Cast stainless steel head, real leather cross stitch and grip


Total Length: 65.40 cm

Weight: 1.08 kg

Wood Handle: Ash

Leather wrapped handle

Axe Head: 2Cr13 cast stainless steel

Plaque: black wood plaque

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