Vikingatida Torque nr 3



Torque är en smycke som funderar som en nackring.
Dessa var poulära så tidigt som ca: 700 F.Kr och ända upp till Vikingatiden.

Denna finns i brons eller som försilvrad variant och efter ett fynd från Gotland.

Diameter: 12-15 cm

Passar omkrets 35-45 cm.

The model for this Viking neck ring was a historical bracelet from the Swedish island of Gotland, which had these remarkable dragon heads.

The Viking Age neck ring ”Gotland” is suitable for a neck circumference of 35 to 45 cm.
The diameter is about 12 – 15 cm. Total length 42 cm. This makes this Viking torques suitable for both women and men.

The Viking neck ring ”Gotland” has a wire thickness of 4.5 mm and with 56 grams is very light and comfortable to wear, so that the neck ring is hardly noticeable after a short time.

You can buy the Viking neck ring in high-quality bronze and in real silver-plated. Alloy…

Typical for the Viking torques are twisted bronze wires, which ensure a good flexibility of the neck ring, so that it can be bent open and closed without any problems and can therefore be put on easily.

The torques is widely known as the quintessential neck ring of Celtic warriors, but what is less well known is that almost all Central European peoples of antiquity knew the neck ring.

Until the Migration Period, torques were worn not only by men but also by women among the Germanic peoples. In the course of late antiquity, the choker became purely male jewellery and remained widespread in northern Europe until the Viking Age.

Viking neck rings were usually made of narrow silver or bronze wires in twisted or braided form and could be fitted with a hook fastener or shaped end heads.

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Brons, Försilvrad

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