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These ankle boots are based on archaeological finds made in the northern English city of York, the former Jorvik. They are dated to the 9th-10th centuries – a time when England was divided into many smaller kingdoms. The Anglo-Saxon population had to fend off constant Viking raids, and many Vikings settled in England. York was also conquered by the Danes and ruled by the Norsemen for about a hundred years.

As these shoes match the time and place perfectly, they can definitely be called Viking shoes. They feature two characteristic rolled leather toggle buttons, with which the shoes are closed and individually adjusted.

– Material: buffalo leather
– Thickness: approx. 2.5 to 3 mm
– Nailed leather soles, approx. 5 mm thick
– Available sizes: 41 to 45

Please note:
The robustness of shoes based on historical patterns may not meet the requirements of modern life! They are quite sensitive to asphalt, concrete stone and gravel. These floor coverings did not exist in the Middle Ages! We therefore recommend wearing pattens (medieval wooden overshoes), insoles, or to retrofit the shoes with rubber soles at the shoemaker of your choice. Please also keep in mind that leather is a natural product and variations in colour and grain are quite normal. Each pair of leather shoes is thus unique and above pictures are for reference only.

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