Vikingatida lampa nr3



Forged hanging lamp in the style of the Middle Ages.

This forged hanging lamp was inspired by the early medieval iron lamp from Anglo-Saxon England and Viking age Scandinavia.

The medieval hanging lamp is made of iron and consists of a bowl that is attached to a rod chain hanging that ends in a hook. This allows you to hang the lamp anywhere you like.

If the hanging lamp is not needed, it can be folded to save space.

The complete length of the medieval lamp is 38 cm, the bowl measures 11.5 x 4 cm.

The forged hanging lamp can be fired very well with leftover wax, to which you simply add a few pieces of wood that act as wicks. To extinguish it, simply place a wooden board on the bowl so that the flames go out.

There are several finds of forged lamps from the early Middle Ages, such as the two Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo bowl lamps and other iron lamps from two other English burials in Bloomfield and Prittlewell in Essex, as well as several finds of forged bowl lamps from Viking Age Scandinavia, for example from Oseberg and Bergen.

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