Vikingatida kniv Gunnar




Such an authentic Viking knife is just ideal for historical camp life in Viking re-enactment or for everyday use.

The high-quality walnut handle is beautifully polished and edged with several layers of leather and brass, which give the Viking knife a particularly high-quality appearance.
The handle ends with a small ring that makes it easy to pull the Viking knife out of the solid cowhide sheath.

The Viking knife comes with a blade made of genuine damascus steel with 176 layers and a hardness of 56 – 58 HCR Rockwell. Knives made of damask steel were highly valued in the Viking Age because such blades are characterized by both hardness and elasticity, which is why a knife blade made of damask steel is both durable and flexible.

The blade of this Viking knife has a pronounced hollow grind and is forged from two different types of steel in wild Damascus. When both steels are forged together into one blade, the result is a particularly beautiful and characterful flamed damascus pattern.

On the one hand, carbon steel AISI 1095 is used for this Viking knife, a classic among knife steels, which as an unalloyed and rust-resistant tool steel is very tough and easy to grind, with a solid service life.
On the other hand, AISI 4340 is used, a nickel-containing steel with good properties that creates beautiful bright sections and noble contrasts when used in Damascus steel.

The Viking knife is sharpened and has the following dimensions:
Overall length 21 cm
Blade length 9.5 cm
blade width 2.2 cm
Blade back 4 mm

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