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Viking Knife based on a historical find from Gotland

This high-quality, hand-made Viking Age knife is modeled after an original find from Gotland (Sweden, ca. 9th/10th century). The hand-forged high carbon steel blade was sharpened, and the oxide scale layer was left on the flats, lending the knife a rustic appearance. Like many typical Gotlandic knives form the Viking period, the top part of the walnut wood handle terminates in a bone ring and a brass collar. The grip’s butt with convenient eyelet (for threading a lanyard or drawing the knife from its sheath) is also made of brass. The beautiful tanned leather sheath with ornate brass fittings is equipped with a generously sized suspension ring allowing for comfortable belt carry.

Please note that, as the blade is sharp and fully functional, this knife is designed as a collector’s or decoration piece and not suited for combat reenactment!

– Blade material: high carbon steel (not stainless!), sharp edge
– Handle material: walnut wood and animal bone with brass ends
– Overall length: approx. 25 cm
– Blade length: approx. 12 cm
– Max. blade width: approx. 2.5 cm
– Weight: approx. 160 g (approx. 330 g with sheath)
– Leather-and-brass sheath with carrying ring

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