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Viking knives in sheaths with bronze metal fittings were characteristic of the knives of the Vikings in eastern Sweden and are often found there, for example in Birka and especially on Gotland.

The scabbard for this Viking knife, which is fitted with high-quality cast bronze fittings, is in no way comparable to the usual and less valuable scabbards with thin brass plates from Pakistani production.

Special attention has to be paid to the elaborate openwork scabbard fitting, which was made true to detail according to a historical model from grave 877 in the Viking town of Birka in Lake Mälaren, Sweden.

Until now, one had to search in vain for a Viking knife with a scabbard of this quality because the bronze fitting for the belt loop also comes from an archaeological find from Birka.

The U-shaped edge fittings and the bronze fittings for the knife tip decorated with triangular hallmarks are typical of knife scabbards from the Viking Age and are as well of very high quality.

Another prominent feature of the ”Birka” Viking knife, in addition to the authentic bronze fittings on the scabbard, is the noble knife handle that ends in a small ring by which the Viking knife can be easily pulled out of the leather scabbard.

The beautifully polished handle is made of dark brown walnut wood with a fine grain and ends in a solid handle end that is artfully designed from several layers of brass and leather and has both a pleasant weight and fits perfectly in the hand.

The ”Birka” Viking knife has the following dimensions:
Knife length 20,5 cm
Blade length 10 cm
Blade width 2.5 cm
Blade back 3 mm

The Viking knife ”Birka” comes well sharpened and is equipped with a hollow grind blade made of polished carbon steel AISI 1085 with a hardness of approx. 54 – 56 HCR Rockwell.

Blades made of carbon steel are basically not rustproof, but that is why they are easy to sharpen. They should always be kept dry and oiled from time to time after use so that little patina and no rust stains form

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