Smidesstång som användes ihop med trefötterna, för att hänga upp flera hänga grytor m.m.
Man kan även vid en avlång brasa använda sig av flera trefötter och mellanstänger.

Rectangular Rod with 6 Holes for Camp Equipment, Hand-Forged Steel, approx. 150 cm

This robust, approx. 150 cm long and 1 cm thick flat steel bar was forged by hand and features 6 holes with an inner diameter of approx. 1.4 cm. It is approx. 3 cm wide (4.5 cm at the rounded ends and around the holes). The surface was left in its natural state to preserve the rod’s rustic, authentic character.

This useful, versatile steel rod will add a nice touch to any medieval camp, stall, camp kitchen, workshop or smithy on the medieval market and will help you keep things organized, even in cramped spaces.

As a connecting bar between two tripods, it is ideal for hanging cooking utensils and camp accessories (pans, pots, kettles, trammel hooks, fire chains, etc.). In order to save space, it can also be suspended from a wall or ceiling by means of sturdy screw hooks to hang all kinds of everyday objects (e.g. tools, decorative items and much more). If you want to provide cosy warm lighting for your camp, you can use S-hooks to hang several lanterns from it and thus create a lovely evening and night atmosphere. You can also use several of these bars to build an enclosure for your encampment or delimit a specific area.

This fine, sturdy blacksmithing piece is just perfectly suited for camp life at medieval markets and re-enactment, living history or LARP events. Of course, this iron rod looks equally good in modern-day settings: With some inventiveness, a bit of craftsmanship and the right accessories, you can use it to give your house, garden, balcony or patio a quaint, rustic flair.

– Material: hand-forged steel (not stainless)
– Overall length: approx. 1.5 m
– Thickness: approx. 1 cm
– Width: approx. 3 cm/ 4.5 cm
– Weight: approx. 3.6 kg

Ytterligare information

Vikt 2 kg
Dimensioner 120 cm

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