Trefotskrok smide




Tripod attachment for cooking as in the Middle Ages.

Practical tripod attachment for cooking on an open fire that replaces an expensive, forged iron tripod.

The medieval tripod attachment consists of a hook and three interconnected rings and is simply placed on three wooden sticks of any length and thickness. If in doubt, even a few crooked branches from the forest will work.

Instead of a costly iron tripod or a cumbersome binding with rope, with this ingenious tripod attachment it is enough to pass the wooden sticks through one of the three rings and then spread the sticks, causing them to tilt together and create a stable and solid tripod.

The tripod has been in use since the Stone Age, through the Middle Ages to modern times, and is still almost indispensable for cooking over an open fire in a medieval camp.

Dimensions: 9 x 8 cm, ring diameter 3.5 cm.

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