Torino Rapier Antiqued


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Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Italian ancestry, the Hanwei Torino Rapier exhibits the classic straight crossguard styling popular in this part of Europe. The rapier features classical lines, with a high-carbon steel flex-tempered blade, a stainless steel hilt (for reduced maintenance) with ”blade catcher” quillons and a twisted-wire grip.

The hilt is of the same size as the original, providing an authentic feel in the user’s hand and weight and balance also match originals.

Key Features:
– Forged high-carbon steel
– Black leather scabbards
– Excellent Balance

– Overall: approx. 114.90 cm
– Blade Length: approx. 93 cm
– Weight: approx. 1.05 kg
– Point of Balance: approx. 12.7 cm
– Point of Harmonics: approx. 71.12 cm
– Width at Guard: approx. 1.90 cm
– Width at Tip: approx. 1.02 cm
– Thickness at Guard: approx. 0.64 cm
– Thicknessat Tip: approx. 0.25 cm

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