Tatami matta.

Rismattor för huggtest.

Mattans mått är ca 180×90 cm utrullad.

Mattan skickas utrullad så att man kan rulla ihop den efter eget önskemål.

Säljes i 5 pack

This straw mat is used to perform the traditional Japanese target test cutting with a samurai sword (mainly a katana or a wakizashi). The ancient art of tameshigiri, which was practiced in Japan both to test the performance and sharpness of swords and demonstrate the proficiency of sword testers and sword fighters, still enjoys great popularity to this day. A sharp sword is used to practice a wide variety of one-handed or two-handed cuts / cutting techniques on the omote mats. The quality of the blade and the practitioner’s cutting skills are reflected on the cut surface of the mat.

Our tatami omote are woven from straw. They are of basic quality, yet robust, easy to cut and, despite their low price, will satisfy the demands of a sword tester. We deliver an approx. 2 to 2.3 mm thick, unbound mat with the dimensions of 180 x 90 cm. When rolled, it has a diameter of about 8 cm.

In preparation for cutting tests, the mat should be rolled up as tightly as possible, firmly tied and immersed in water for a few hours to swell. The soaked roll should then be left to dry completely (in an upright position). This process will allow the mat to achieve the density or consistency needed for cutting exercises. The finished mat can now be mounted on a tameshigiri stand and put to use.

Of course, in addition to their application as martial arts accessories, the tatami omote we offer here can also be used for purposes other than initially intended, for example as flooring, light shades / screens, protective covers or just as decorative items (in your house, garden or even for special events with Asian flair).

– Material: straw
– Dimensions: approx. 180 x 90 cm (not pre-rolled)
– Thickness: approx. 2 mm
– Diameter when tightly rolled: approx. 8 cm
– Weight: approx. 800 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

We would like to point out that cutting tests should only be carried out by people with appropriate experience in the handling of samurai swords. A lack of knowledge or skills can not only lead to damage or even breakage of the blade, but can also jeopardize your health or that of others. We will not accept any liability for possible material damage, accidents or injuries that could result from engaging in test cutting.

As straw is a natural product, please keep in mind that variations in colour are quite common. The above pictures are thus for reference only. The colour shade may vary from greenish to yellowish / brownish and discolouration is part of the straw’s normal ageing process. Exposition to direct sunlight accelerates this natural fading.

If you don’t intend to use the mat immediately upon delivery, please store it in a dry place.


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