Swordtube, black


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A simple, with two adjustment straps individualizeable holder for the sword at your side.
This holder is part of Palnatokes ”Baldric”-system. In combination with a crossbelt and a ”Plate” called leather sheet, on which the choosen holder will be attached, one can assemble his own personal baldric.

Palnatoke is not only known for its excellent foam weapons, but also for their superb leatherwork. Whether arm or leg braces, sword belt and -sheats, holders, gloves or quiver. Palnatoke leather products are durable, comfortable and convincing due to their appealing design.

– Material: cow hide
– Colour: schwarz
– Length: ca. 25 cm
– Weight: ca. 400 g

PALNATOKE – High quality LARP-Products – Made in Denmark

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