Svärdsbälte i olika färger



Svärdsbälte från Epic Armory.

Finns i färgerna: Brun, Svart, Grön, Röd

Finns i storlek: S/M och L/XL


A double-breasted sword belt made of high-quality coloured cowhide. The upper thin belt is about 3 cm wide and is strapped around the waist. The approx. 5 cm wide belt is a little longer and hangs comfortably a bit lower. On this one two D-rings and a ring held by two carabiners are attached, so a sword sheath or something similar can be attached.

– Material: vegetable tanned leather
– Colours: brown, black, red, green
– Length: approx. 116 cm (S/M) or 132 cm (L/XL)
– Weight: approx. 0.48 kg

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