Strikingly Odd is a weird but amazing card trick!

In a blue-backed deck of cards you show that one card is an odd card. It has a red back! You take out the red-backed card and show it freely. The spectator can feel the card, there is nothing wrong or special about the card.

The red card is put back in the blue deck by the spectator and the deck is shuffled. The magician makes a magical pass over the deck and when the odd card is removed from the deck it has changed to a BLUE back as well (and there are NO DUPLICATES seen).

However, the card is ALWAYS going to be an odd card, because when the deck is now turned over, the ENTIRE DECK has changed to red!

Strikingly odd is a very surprising routine with a climax were the audience goes wild!

You can freely show there are NO DUPLICATES of the changed card
After the trick you can use the deck as a normal deck.
No double stick tape or wax
Very easy to do.

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