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This hand forged cooking trivet was made after an early medieval find from England and is perfect for roasting and cooking on the open fire.

The medieval trivet is based on a find from Skipsea in Lincolnshire / England and dates from 1000 to 1100 AD. Probably the find is Norman or Anglo-Saxon.

In contrast to the historical model, this medieval cooking trivet is slightly reduced in size to fit today’s cauldrons.

The special feature, however, is that the trivet can be assembled and disassembled in a few easy steps. This makes it very space-saving and it is not as bulky as other hand-forged trivets.

The legs of the medieval trivet are forged into spikes and can be sunk into the ground if needed and thus ensure a very safe stand.

Forged trivets for cooking has been in use since Roman times, through the Middle Ages and well into the 19th century in almost unchanged form. That alone should speak for itself…

On the cooking trivet, pans, clay pots, kettles and grids can be placed over the fire for cooking and frying. Thus, a forged trivet is simply indispensable for the stylish camp life in LARP and medieval reenactment.

Trivet Dimensions: height of the tripod 25 cm, leg length 25 cm.

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